Multimedia painter and illustrator.
Natural paint and ink alchemist.
My surreal, abstract work is ultimately a way for me to visually release the swirls in my brain that I otherwise can't expel properly.  My paintings and the snippets of writing that accompany most pieces are raw, unedited and uncensored. 

Mediums of choice include Watercolor Paint, Ink, Pastels and Colored Pencil.
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“When Aaahh!!! Real Monsters meets Tim
“Rick and Morty characters in another dimension.”
”Delicately detailed, intimate and haunting.”
“N A T U R A L  R E M E D Y”
A trio by WaZeil
“S E L F  P O R T R A I T”
“F E L L O W  I N  A  S W E A T E R”
“F A Z E D”