HAND(fucking)MADE in America.

 Co-owned by newlywed maker duo, WaZeil & UaZit.


Established in 2015, with a passion to thrive by our own means.  We want more from life than to simply exist.  For ourselves, and for you!  We strive to strip away limitation until each idea comes to physical fruition.  All of our products are handmade with an obsessive eye for detail and without (fucking) censorship.

We are incessantly inspired by the natural world and our intentions have always been to respect and honor the earth.

Eye-opening revelations caused a dramatic evolution to our approach of creating and the materials we use while doing so.

In totality, we have not transitioned away from synthetic materials…yet..but we are committed to improving and evolving our practices so we can do better for the planet.

With a conscious mind going forward, we are taking the initial steps by:

  • Using premium, ethically sourced, compostable fabrics and sewing notions
  • Self-Foraging for materials
  • Creating natural/chemical free textile dyes, inks, and watercolors
  • Sourcing organic supplies
  • Using 100% post consumer recycled paper for printing, packaging, and shipping


Our mission is to create genderless, comfortable and versatile apparel that contributes to the Slow Fashion movement.  We source plant based, compostable textiles, abide by production methods that focus on waste elimination and dye our textiles using natural, often self-foraged, materials.

Dying Process:

We believe the natural hues we create should not only be pleasurable to the eye but also hold wellness benefits through chromopathy.  There is no place for toxins or chemical treatments in our textile dying process.

Colors palettes are created from a wide range of natural materials such as bark, nuts, seeds, flowers, roots, vegetables, fruits and more.  Our textile dying process is detail oriented to ensure rich, lasting colors and lightfastness.  The (approximately) 36 hour process consists of washing, scouring, mordanting and then finally dying the fabric.

Variations of hue from garment to garment is to be expected and part of the playful beauty of hand dyed textiles.  Colors can shift from dye bath to dye bath based on specific conditions such as temperature and current pH levels of the water.  To keep the natural colors as bright as possible, we recommend washing with pH neutral soap.