Our Story


HAND(fucking)MADE in America.

Co-owned by wife & husband maker duo, 

WaZeil & UaZit.

Established in 2015, with a passion to thrive by our own means.  We want more from life than to simply exist.  For ourselves, and for you! 

Driven by making our dreams reality, we strive to strip limitation from the equation until each idea we have comes to physical fruition.  All of our products are handmade with an obsessive eye for detail and without (fucking) censorship.

We are incessantly inspired by the natural world.  Our intentions have and always will be to respect, honor, and cherish the earth.  With a conscious mind, we are committed to improving and evolving our practices. 

After undergoing a dramatic shift in our approach to creating and the materials we use while doing so, we are:

  • Using premium, ethically sourced, compostable fabrics and sewing notions

  • Self-Foraging for materials

  • Creating all natural, botanical textile dyes, inks, and watercolors

  • Sourcing organic supplies

  • Using post consumer recycled paper for printing

  • Utilizing recyclable shipping supplies

  • Carbon Neutral Shipping Services


Together, we can do better for the planet!