Our Story


HAND(fucking)MADE in America.

Co-owned by wife & husband maker duo, 

WaZeil & UaZit.

Established in 2015, with a passion to thrive by our own means.  We want more from life than to simply exist.  For ourselves, and for you!  Our hands are dipped in many forms of physical, visual and auditory creations that are incessantly inspired by the natural world. All of our products are handmade by us with an obsessive eye for detail; made with love and intention.

The most important thing you should know about us and our work is that ALL of what we do is done without (fucking) censorship and with full authenticity. Those two values are the core foundation of STALPH.

With intentions to respect, honor, and cherish the earth, we are on a mission to make products safe for humans, the earth we wander and all of its precious creatures. Our identity naturally came to fruition when we started practicing deeper self-love. Deciding to cut as many toxins as possible from our own physical consumption made us want to reflect those actions in our creations. We came to the realization that all of our synthetic tools and materials to create could be replaced by resources found in nature. With that transformation, our creative vision for STALPH metamorphosed into one that is rooted in alchemy; the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary. From the nuts to the tree limbs that drop them, we use it all.

With a conscious mind, we are committed to always improving and evolving our practices to align with authenticity, zero waste and sustainability; from our design stages, to production to packaging. Being resourceful and living consciously without excess or waste is incredibly important to us. Plant-based, bio-degradable, compostable and recyclable are the four drivers for STALPH. From the products themselves, to the labels and packaging. We exclusively use premium, organic, ethically sourced and biodegradable textiles/sewing notions.  We create all natural textile dyes, inks and watercolors; often from wild-harvested materials.  All paper products, visual art prints, labels and tags are printed on post consumer recycled paper.  Our shipping boxes are made from post consumer recycled cardboard and the remainder of our shipping supplies are completely biodegradable or recyclable.  We also participate in Carbon Neutral Shipping Services.

Throughout the years of growing STALPH into what it has come to be, one constant reigns above all else...We are the embodiment of our brand. Its face, heart and soul. Everything we create and sell is a detail from our own daily life. From the moment you wake, until you wind down for the night.We thank you for shopping small, supporting ethical practices and are grateful to share this intimate experience of hand(fucking)made with you.

Learn more about WAZUAZ Collection and our Natural Dyeing practices.


Together, we can do better for our planet!