Indiana based artisan; national touring musician.

Think alternative meets trip-hop with a twist of rock ‘n’ roll.  UaZit is an uncanny, comedically perverse lyricist.  Wielding erratic vocal intonations while embodying dadaist mannerism in both creation & performance.  His presence is unparalleled as he dually utilizes spaces both on & off of stage.  

In the words of the late Chuck Mosley (former Faith No More/Bad Brains vocalist), “thanks for playing & hypnotizing me.”

“Unsettling in the best way possible.” -Matthew (Dispatch Revelry)

“A unique performance that went beyond simply music and sound...movement, video and complete self expression.” -Meredith (Abundant Plate Wellness)

“Absolute sorcery!” -Todd Grant

“Bending our perception of hip hop.” -Old Nick’s Pub (Eugene, OR)