Indiana based artisan; nationally touring musician.

The embodiment of dadaist mannerism in both creation and performance.

A neoteric form of trip-hop in it’s entirety; UaZit writes, records, and produces original compositions experimenting with vocal deliveries, organic sounds, guitars, harmonicas, synthesizers, electronic drum kits, and more.

An uncanny, comedically perverse lyricist, wielding erratic vocal intonations.  His presence is unparalleled as he dually utilizes spaces on and off stage.  From hand wired lighting, to self-made visual projections, UaZit breathes the essence of DIY into every aspect of his artistic endeavors. 

“Thanks for playing and hypnotizing me.” -Chuck Mosley (former Faith No More/Bad Brains vocalist)
“Unsettling in the best way possible.” -Matthew (Dispatch Revelry)
“A unique performance that went beyond simply music and sound...movement, video and complete self expression.” -Meredith (Abundant Plate Wellness)
“Absolute sorcery!” -Todd Grant
“Bending our perception of hip hop.” -Old Nick’s Pub (Eugene, OR)




Yeehawasaki (2021)
MOneyhoonED (2019)
MOneyhoon (2019)
Pink Lady (2018)
V [2017]
iuniōrēs [2017]
bed, bath, and inbetween [2016]
Healer (IN), Square Cat Vinyl (IN), Lewbrook Ranch (IN), Hoosier Dome (IN), Lafayette Theater (IN), The Cobra (TN), Two Boots Pizza (TN), Hi-Ho Lounge (LA), Neutral Ground Coffee House (LA), The 806 Coffee + Lounge (TX), Super Happy Fun Land (TX), Spruce Goose (TX), The Bird Barn (TX), Carousel Lounge (TX), Resonator (OK), The Trunk Space (AZ), Cardiff Giant Tattoo (AZ), Gadi’s Bar & Grill (CA), The Battery Books (CA), The Pike (CA), Ham & Eggs Tavern (CA), Honey Hive Gallery (CA), Blondie’s Food & Drink (CA), Johnny B's (OR), Old Nick’s Pub (OR), The Lovecraft (OR), Lombard Pub (OR), Blue Moon (WA), The Chandelier Room at Substation (WA), Calypsos Coffee Roasters (ID), The Shredder (ID), High Note Cafe (ID), Gold Blood Collective (UT), Fort Greene (CO), 3 Kings Tavern (CO), Lion’s Lair (CO), Uptown ArtsBar (MO), O'Leavers (NE), Palmer’s Bar (MN), Eagles #34 (MN), Bremen Cafe (WI), Neverhouse (IL), Cadieux Cafe (MI), Annabelle's (OH), The Footlight (NY), Sugar City (NY), The Jungle (MA), Archie's Big Heads (PA), The Sentient Bean (GA)