Provo/SLC➡️Boise➡️North Bonneville➡️Portland (September 26-October 2)

Three weeks in! ALREADY! Our time spent in the Pacific North West was delightful. The scenery we had been impatiently waiting for. The week started with us in Grand Junction. Kyra at Copeka Coffee provided us with a complimentary hearty vegan breakfast the morning after our show. We ordered biscuits & gravy, the perfect way to start the day. Found ourselves at a skatepark with Skyler post breakfast.

We drove from Grand Junction to Utah later that afternoon. Provo specifically. Dusk provided such a beautiful silhouetted view of the mountains and a soft colored sunset, duh we had to pull out a piece from our Indiana Fashion Week Collection to capture.

We had a radio interview scheduled at 3pm in Provo so we had some time to adventure in the morning and early afternoon. One of the bands booked to play our show that night suggested we visit Bridal Veil Falls so we ventured over. The views were spectacular. Fast forward to our interview though. Us and F-ETHER show up to the address and it was this dudes house. We knock on the door and no answer. Knock again, no answer. So we give his phone number a ring, no answer. We are all kind of just looking at each other what? We call again and he finally answers with a very sleepy, groggy hello. Long story short, he straight up forgot we had an interview scheduled. We walked away like..OK?? Truly a core tour memory, standing outside of this house like sims, waiting for something to happen that didn't happen.

Our show that night was in Salt Lake City, The DLC in Quarters Bar. A retro space filled with arcade games, pinball and fun lights. The venue was in the back, decked out with a wall of backlit cassette tapes and a colorful mural. 

The following morning we drove to Boise. As soon as we hit town, we went straight to Boise Fry Company. "Fries with a burger on the side." It is literally that. the Idaho fries are to die for. The show was at The Shredder, a venue space with a mini ramp on the back patio.

Friday and Saturday were our Portland shows. But first, Sizzle Pie for pizza and Voodoo Donuts. Of course. Our Portland feel good vegan staples. The show on Friday was a house show and Saturday was at Turn! Turn! Turn! Vastly different shows, but both very PORTLAND. A fella at the Saturday show said UaZit reminded of of Beetlejuice. Sunday we bummed around in the morning then left in the afternoon for Salem, OR. 

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