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NONE OF YOUR BEES(WAX): Vegan Fabric Protectant

NONE OF YOUR BEES(WAX): Vegan Fabric Protectant

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Fabric Protectant

NONE OF YOUR BEES(WAX) Fabric Protectant is our proprietary 100% vegan, plant-based fabric protectant.  NO BEESWAX.  Absolutely, no bullshit.  This 1.8oz waterproofing wax bar is a mix of premium, all natural oil, wax and resin.

Waterproof what matters, naturally.  Extend or renew the life of your favorite shoes, rugged apparel, aprons, bags or more.  Be sure to thoroughly clean and dry your item before application.

This vegan wax takes well to to any tightly woven cotton, linen, hemp, denim, canvas and more.  Test on a small, inconspicuous area before using.

To care for waxed items, gently hand wash the soiled area with cold water and hang to dry.

Originally crafted for The Gatherer & The Gatherer II, we decided to share our waxy creation.  Protecting something small such as a hat?  We suggest one bar.  Aprons, bags, coats, etc. may take two to four bars to ensure consistent coverage.

Hand made by WaZeil & UaZit. 

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