"A western Indiana couple is creating waves in the fashion industry with their all-natural clothing company. They travel around the country with their one-of-a-kind merchandise. However, their big break is happening close to home."

WAZUAZ segment with Gina Glaros WTHR-13



Fashionable Travel Downtown Tour - Lora Olive NUVO


"Indiana Fashion Week: Husband and wife create handmade, sustainable clothes"

WAZUAZ by STALPH segment: Fox-59 Indy Now 


WAZUAZ dress feature: WISH-8 All Indiana





"Couple to feature earth-friendly clothing brand during Indiana Fashion Week"

STALPH Interview w/ Mark Ambrogi (CURRENT Magazine)


“STALPH is an uncensored, eco conscious and multifaceted creative brand established and run by the unstoppable pair WaZeil & UaZit. For six years, the wife and husband duo have worked together, using their strengths and skills in harmony to develop a brand reflective of the true nature of their lives, beliefs, and high vibrational spirit.” 

-Khaila King (Pattern Magazine)

STALPH Pattern Magazine Interview w/ Khaila King


“A powerhouse couple dedicating their lives to their creative work and building worlds hand-in-hand. WaZeil is an accomplished artist and fashion designer. UaZit is a skilled graphic designer and musician. As one being, fueling each other creatively, they are WazUaz, conquering the world behind their collaborative brand, Stalph.

Both WaZeil and UaZit exemplify freedom of censorship in their works. From art to fashion, from photography and design to music, Stalph offers personal, detailed, and distinct forms of expression.”

-Mallory Jordan


UaZit is the kind of artist who freaks your brain out the first time you experience the music.  It is gender-blind, socially aware... no, socially enlightened mind food.

It is raw, precise, performance art.

On Pink Lady, the visceral experience of the UaZit live performance is captured on an album and delivered to wherever you spin it.  It will take you a few listens to be all in, but it will grab you from the start.  Repeat listening will be rewarded.”

-Craig Helmreich



This creative match made in heaven (or some other planet in our universe), is one of the most ground breaking art and media collaborative that will sneak right up to you and have you hooked. With their high level of common, if not identical, view on the world, they have become one of the most dangerous duos to happen; to the world of art, media, music, and over all self expression. And by danger, I mean true fire starters. Upon viewing their work, you will feel this uncanny form of chemistry of these two artists. It has thoroughly been shown that new creations are often fueled back and forth between WaZeil and UaZit, creating this flame that truly is everlasting.

Though both specializing in different areas, when experiencing their works, you will often tend to lose the thought of both being two separate individuals and truly receive their message as a whole. You'll experience the pain, remember the hardships, and recognize the transformation in self reflection that you can't help but relate with. As surreal of a world as some of their mediums tend to take your senses to, they all lead back to things in life that are very much real.

WaZeil's paintings will have you following every line and feel the concentration and meditation that goes into these pieces. They remind you that little details often create one larger idea. That being said, her tailoring and fashion design skills emanate that same attention to detail and one of a kind style and will leave you begging for more.

UaZit's way behind a camera and lighting mainline a direct view to a solid documentation of these visionaries. Combining a technical and completely unique execution with a musical knack that's beautiful, cutting edge, and absolutely bonkers.

You WILL somehow find a piece of yourself in every stitch, every sound, every frame, and every stroke. And you will find yourself wondering “what's next?”. So, Dare to Enter.” 

-Nikki Acosta