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STEP INSIDE the MINDS of WaZeil & UaZit; creators of (stalph) AKA the HOME of HAND(fucking)MADE in AMERICA.  ART, MUSIC, FASHION, SKATEBOARDS, GIFTS, COFFEE & CONFECTIONARIES - all under one roof!  

UaZit "(two) MANY FAMOUS PEOPLE" [Tiny Desk 2024 Entry]


Genderfluid, size inclusive, plant-based and ethically made apparel that contributes to the slow fashion movement. Each of the organic textiles and natural dyes we use are selected with quality and sustainability in mind. Apparel from the earth to be ultimately returned to the earth.


Our funkiest collection yet! Teeming with quirky patterns, vibrant colors & original natural dye techniques.


We had the opportunity to shoot with Indianapolis photographer Leo Soyfer & chat with Katie Freeman for an interview with Pattern Magazine. Chatted about our recent botanical(groove) collection for Indiana Fashion Week and about our creative process.