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Eco-Printed Handkerchiefs

Eco-Printed Handkerchiefs

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Two-Pack Handkerchiefs

An earth friendly, zero waste alternative to tissues.  This two-pack of 11"x12.5" handkerchiefs are washable and reusable.  Perfect for both your drippy nose in fall and winter and your sweaty forehead in spring and summer.

These handkerchiefs are eco-printed with homegrown Marigold Petals.  For variety, one in the pack has been further treated with an iron dip to modify the print colors.  Due to the beautiful nature of eco-printing, each handkerchief will have its own character. No two will be exactly the same.

In alignment with our ethics to reduce waste, these handkerchiefs are made to order. Hand cut, sewn, and printed by WaZeil & UaZit. 

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