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Plant-Based Ink Oaknut

Plant-Based Ink Oaknut

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Handmade botanical ink made from wild-harvested Pin Oaknuts. A rich vegan-friendly botanical ink that is clove free for allergy sensitivities.

Botanical inks can be layered to create rich, opaque depth of color or used as a wash for softer, transparent tones. They can be used individually or mixed with our other botanical inks for a wider color range.

Our inks are mindfully made in small batches for our own personal use as artists, which means they are of quality that we trust enough to use. We strictly use natural materials for ink known in natural dye history to be long lasting and lightfast. These botanical inks are best used with dip pens or brushes and are not suitable for use in refillable fountain pens.

The color and consistency of botanical inks may change over an extended period of time. Be sure to keep the lid on while not in use and store out of direct sunlight. Shake gently before use.

Handmade by WaZeil & UaZit.

Each jar is 1oz.

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