Rock ’n’ roll nurtured nineties baby raised on alternative grooves, sprinkled with eighties pop hits & trip-hop.  This entirely unhinged, extroverted introvert has unparalleled presence dually beneath & beyond the stage lights.

Two decades of experimenting within a plethora of musical disciplines led to the development of UaZit’s distinctly eclectic sound.  Thought provoking words intricately woven throughout self-composed genre bending instrumentals.  This comedically perverse lyricist wields a cast of vocal characters greater than your Grammy’s mid-century Sears-Roebuck catalog.

The wanderlust Indiana based multi-instrumentalist has graced stages in almost every state from sea to shining sea; sharing space with acts including Mike Vallely & The Complete Disaster as well as former Faith No More/Bad Brains vocalist, Chuck Mosley.  In the words of Chuck, “thanks for playing & hypnotizing me.”

When home from touring, UaZit is pouring (oat)milk LAttes & providing home to a new “small town coffee shop stage” for the next generation to begin their journey alongside seasoned performers.

“Unsettling in the best way possible.” -Matthew (Dispatch Revelry)

“A unique performance that went beyond simply music and sound...movement, video and complete self expression.” -Meredith (Abundant Plate Wellness)

“Absolute sorcery!” -Todd Grant

“Bending our perception of hip hop.” -Old Nick’s Pub (Eugene, OR)