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WAZUAZintimates for STALPH
 Elastic free underwear designed with comfort and movability in mind. Say goodbye to underwear that is too narrow in the crotch and too long front to back. Enjoy a fit that feels secure all day long, for any amount of movement and activity without sacrificing feeling sexy.
Pieces are handcrafted with our premium untreated Organic Hemp/Organic Cotton blend knit + 4% Lycra, to hold your body just right. Organic Hemp is naturally antibacterial and Organic Cotton naturally allows for quick drying. A perfect harmony. Botanically dyed with friendly plants to ensure your body isn’t absorbing any harmful chemicals or synthetic dyes/finishes. A variety of color options to choose from, to match your mood and wardrobe.
"Sexy without trying too hard." Erica V.
"Excellent craftsmanship, stays where they should, superior coverage, and down-right comfy without lacking in foxiness." -Ainsley T.
"The material is so soft and comfortable. I’m an xl and had no issues with the bands leaving marks on my skin or rolling down." -Sammie C.
"The undies stayed in place while I roamed around and worked my body!" -Kristen E.

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