TOUR DIARIES : A truthful check in.

TOUR DIARIES : A truthful check in.

Let’s get real for a moment. We’re officially one month into a three month long tour. 1/3 of the way in. Many of you have asked how tour/traveling has been so far and it’s a long question to answer. We’ve always been transparent about our life and experiences together, so here’s our honest answer.


Every single day of tour is so different than the one before. Constantly jolted from scenery to scenery. The weather and elevation changes between state to state or even city to city. It is an abundance of experiences in such a short amount of time. There hasn’t been enough down time to even process everything yet.


Being reunited with friends scattered across the US has been so fun. The shows have been absolutely peachy and the new people we’ve met have been great. Sharing pieces of our hearts, our creations and exchanging energy with sweet humans at each show has been truly soul filling.


The drives from city to city have been beautiful. Most of our off days, we have been submerged in grand mountains and magical forests. We’ve played in rivers, wandered the Redwood Forest, camped in Big Sur, stood in the Pacific Ocean along different parts of the coast. It has all been rejuvenating and inspiring. So many core memories have been made this month.


We are incredibly thankful. To even be on this tour is a feat in itself as we’ve worked HARD to get here.


But to get down to nitty gritty…The difference between this tour and our previous tours, is that by day 30 we were getting back home. We used to cram all our shows across the country into four to five weeks. Not three months. There wasn’t much room for exploration in comparison to this tour. With this extra time between show days, we’ve been able to deeply exist in all the big cities and explore.


And to be frank…the state/condition of large metropolitan areas across the US is a fucking wreck. It is really disheartening. The bigger cities were pretty rough when we were touring pre-pandemic but things are significantly worse now. Even some of the smaller, cleaner cities we experienced before are on their way to being wrecked. Everywhere you look, literal piles of garbage litter and human excretions. Mass amount of houseless people tucked in every nook and cranny. Being jolted from exquisite, natural wonders to actual piles of garbage in the cities within hours or day to day has been the most jarring experience. It’s difficult to verbalize. I’m writing this after watching a human scoop soggy food out of a filthy garbage can for breakfast. A man limped past us yesterday with feces caked on his pant legs and shoes. Two night ago we parked our van overnight in a lot and woke to a man sleeping on the ground two parking spaces over. The reality for these people makes our hearts crumble y’all. We knew the world took a turn during the pandemic but we didn’t realize how astronomical of a turn?


Every day is an emotional rollercoaster and that’s the truth. That’s the whole point though. If it’s boring, we don’t want it. This shit isn’t for the faint of heart. We’re still trucking along, enjoying each other’s company. Loving each other. We’re healthy and very much alive. Taking in the new sights, smells and sounds. Soaking up everything…the good, the bad and the ugly. We walk away from shows feeling like we are fulfilling our purpose and that in itself is monumental. To be on the road, sharing our world of art and music is a privilege though and we recognize that now more than ever.


In the words of K. Flay. “It takes guts just to survive.”


Thank you to all of you that have checked in on us so far. Thank you for caring about our well being…both physically and mentally. The love has been truly appreciated. We’ll check back in again thoroughly at month two.


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