I was a 90’s child; growing (UP) in America.

I was a 90’s child; growing (UP) in America.


I was a 90’s child; growing (UP) in America.  While my single mother worked, my grandma kept the fridge stocked with “pop” & kitchen cabinets loaded with every form of cookie, cake, or candy imaginable.  My blood stream was essentially corn syrup by eleven years old.  According to Healthy.io average weight for an 11 year old boy is 79.5 lbs: I weighed around 130lbs. 

I remember in 8th grade I went to the dentist.  I had a couple cavities filled & was told I needed braces.  I genuinely thought I would end up getting them, because at the time my mom was working a job with decent health insurance.  

Unfortunately, she had been working the same job long enough that one day her employer decided to let her go without reason (to hire young hands that didn’t earn as much pay for their time), which landed us without insurance.  Bye bye to dental or any other health checks for that matter.  Unless it was (fucking) critical.  She never held another job with health insurance again, leaving this world & my dependent ass all alone at 19.  Thankfully, I was blessed with state funded insurance… 14 YEARS LATER at the ripe age of 28.  

At 29 years of age, I stepped back inside the dentist’s office for the first time since I was in 8th (fucking) grade.  The humiliation of going to establish as a new patient when they look inside your mouth & ask how long it has been since your last cleaning.  

My reply, “too long”.  In my head I’m thinking, “almost fifteen years…”

I know I am not the only human being that was raised on a diet riddled with sugar, containing absolutely ZERO nutritional values.  A diet that prioritized processed snacks & ease over nutrition.  Halfway existing, only to wake up in my late twenties with incorrect knowledge of sustaining life.  

I thought I had a decent upbringing, living in a house with clean clothes on my back & toys to play with.  More fortunate than some, I still grew up to be another mouthful of crooked teeth.  Hungry as (fuck).  Without proper means to healthcare, struggling to survive/make the right choices for my health on my own as an adult.  

So… say YOU have a kid.  It is a whole lot easier to let one slip inside without thinking of the consequences that may come.  Know that little “slip” grows up to be an adult one day, if it survives whatever you put it through.  You know, “parenting.”

Will that child be provided with HEALTHY food to eat & the COMPLETE healthcare necessary to live one’s ENTIRE life without suffering from lack of care?  

From what I can see in those shopping carts, parents today do not even know how to feed themselves.  Let alone their children.  They are being raised just how I was, eating whatever their parents fed them.  Usually the cheapest, processed garbage available on a sometimes single, always broke parent’s wages.  This cycle is madly continuing alongside our ever-growing overpopulation dilemma.  Food is getting more expensive each year & the number of mouths in need of being fed is rapidly growing.  Unless we do something about it...

Thanks to that wonderful state provided health insurance I was speaking on earlier,  I am getting a vasectomy this month.  Doing my “part”, if you will.

In light of this major life altering event, I am releasing a 4-track EP titled GROW FOOD; NOT MOUTHS.  An entirely digital release with the ability to feed... if you have a bit of patience.  Seed Pack comes loaded with real (fucking) radish seeds, a unique download code & instructions to snag your high-quality download of the EP.  Jam some tunes, grow a few radishes & live your best life!

Seed Pack is printed on Banana™ Paper.  A 10% Banana Fiber & 100% post consumer recycled product that is free of chlorine, acid & lignin.  Packaging is closed with 100% Cotton thread.  Cut along the dotted line; compost thread side & recycle the rest!


In less than 100 years, the act of growing one’s own food has been thrown out the window.  The thing to do NOW? Grow MORE mouths.  2 kids, 3 kids, 4 kids.. there is no time to even think about growing your own food anymore.  It is easier & much more convenient to pick up sugary snacks for breakfast, fast food for lunch & a box of processed waste for dinner.  All foods lacking proper nutrition to sustain the very life you brought into this world.  A life that is now going to be riddled with disease & health disorders because it has no basic education on how to properly care for itself.  Each generation is suffering from more ailments than the one before, simply due to diet. 

Thanks for taking the time to digest. 

🖤 UaZ

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