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Genderless Waxed Linen Apron

For the messiest part of your life. No matter if you’re a full-time mess maker or a hobbyist, this apron is made to cover you from your chest to your knees.  Due to its versatile nature, it fulfills the needs of any creative endeavor in your workshop, studio, kitchen or even your garden. 

Our double-layered 100% Raw Linen apron has been hand treated with our proprietary NONE OF YOUR BEES(WAX) Vegan Fabric Wax, making it both durable and waterproof.

MAKEpron has two adjustable back-crossing straps that eliminate the neck stress associated with a singular neck strap.  It also features multiple roomy pockets that have been reinforced with double stitching, a rag ring and an internal loop for easy hanging.

Waxed linen is difficult to ignite and is far less flammable than synthetic or unbleached materials.  It will burn if sufficient heat is applied but it is not a dangerously combustible material, making this apron suitable for a wide variety of jobs.

When caring for your MAKEpron, it is best to try a dry method of cleaning first. Use a firm bristled brush to gently clean the soiled area in a circular motion.  If that does not work, gently hand wash the soiled area with cold water.  For even more serious soils, a drop of dish soap can be used with cold water.  Do not excessively wring out water after cleaning.  Hang to dry.

Six different sizes with their Width (W) and Length (L) are listed but custom sizing can be accommodated upon request. Strap are 60" in length for all listed sizes.

In alignment with our ethics to reduce waste, MAKEpron is made to order.  Hand cut, sewn, and waxed by WaZeil & UaZit. 

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