Collection: WAZUAZ : botanical(groove)

wazuaz IDFW 22 botanical(groove
In the words of a stranger, “High vibrational clothing.” 
Our debut runway collection for Indiana Fashion Week 2022. Made entirely with plants. Both the sustainably sourced textiles and dyes used. Each & every garment was designed, drafted, constructed and botanically dyed by our own hands. Our looks consisted of solid, shibori, patterned and sprinkled dye jobs as well as patch work utilizing scrap fabrics. We used natural dyes like Onion Skins, Osage Orange, Logwood, Madder Root, Myrobalan and more for our colors. 
Inspired by our love of the seventies, just modernized. This collection is slow-fashion for every day wear. Timeless styles that can be worn repeatedly and loved for many years. 

Our collection for Indiana Fashion Week was sponsored by our linen supplier. A fantastic family owned company that has been in business for almost 30 years. Their linen is grown and processed throughout Eastern Europe and all their fabrics are OEKO-TEX certified. It has been an honor using their different linens to bring this collection to life!

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