Woven XIV Wall Hanging

Woven XIV Wall Hanging

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Wall Hanging

Our wall hangings are hand woven exclusively by WaZeil & UaZit on our handcrafted looms. Each woven wall hanging is created using a variety of unbleached and botanically dyed yarns, which are all 100% plant based fibers.

Botanically Dyed With: Self-foraged Pinecone, Phaeolus Schweinitzii Fungi, Turmeric

Materials: 100% Worsted Cotton, 100% Bulky Cotton, 100% Cotton Scrubby, 100% Jute, 100% Tencel

Size: 20.5" x 10.5"

This wall hanging comes complete, with a self-grown sunflower stem & 100% cotton cord hanging system. Care for your woven wall hanging by placing out of direct sunlight exposure and by spot cleaning only.