LIMITED EDITION: Snow Dye Sprinklechief

LIMITED EDITION: Snow Dye Sprinklechief

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An earth friendly, zero waste alternative to tissues.  This approximate 10"x15" handkerchief is washable and reusable.  Botanically dyed using an extra special snow dyeing method!  Snow is placed on top of prepared 100% Linen.  Madder Root, Logwood, & Myrobalan powder is sprinkled on top of the snow.  Once the snow melts, a second layer is added.  This allows the dye powder to naturally swirl about the fabric leaving a one-of-a-kind tissue. Perfect for both your drippy nose in fall and winter and your sweaty forehead in spring and summer.  

Hand cut, sewn, and naturally dyed by WaZeil & UaZit. 

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