Scrap Roulette Throw Pillow

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Throw Pillow

In our attempts to minimize our fabric waste, we are using post-project scraps to create throw pillows! Both naturally dyed and UNdyed scraps of 100% Linen are being quilted to create a new textile. Due to this process, no two throw pillows will be the exact same. Your Scrap Roulette Throw Pillow will be an eclectic mix and you won’t know what you’ve got until you open your package!

Some of our fabric scraps are too small to do much else with and while they are decomposable, we are choosing to use these bits and pieces as our pillow stuffing. The stuffing is a mix of cotton and linen scraps. 

Choose from two different sizes - square or rectangle. 

Side note: Using this product in a pillow fight, may result in an instant K.O.

Hand cut, sewn and stuffed by WaZeil & UaZit. 

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