Scrap Roulette Doll

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In our attempts to minimize our fabric waste, we are using post-project scraps to create crude dolls! Both naturally dyed and UNdyed scraps of 100% Linen and 100% Cotton are being used for the dolls and their included loungewear. Due to this process, no two dolls will be the exact same. Your Scrap Roulette Doll will be an eclectic mix and their garments will be assorted colors. You won’t know what you’ve got until you open your package! These dolls are stuffed with 100% Organic Kapok Natural Fiber. Finley and Lennon are a bit crude. For a completely genderless doll, choose Lane! Purchase pairs or single dolls.

Doll Height: 10"

Hand cut, sewn, & dyed by WaZeil & UaZit.

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