Full Swing Spring

Full Swing Spring

Spring is in full swing and golden hour evenings feel like bliss.  We are fortunate to live in rural Indiana, where peaceful trails and nature preserves are in abundance. 

We are here to say thank you, to each of you that purchased a cotton face mask over the past few months.  Thank you for caring about yourself and the well being of others.

In between sewing close to a thousand masks, we worked diligently on a new Spring/Summer collection!  Carefully created with love and intention. Our organic, plant-based fabrics were all sustainably sourced then cut, sewn and botanically dyed with our own hands.  The process is intimate and intricate.  Each garment and accessory for WAZUAZcollection comes with a small token of Rose Quartz, sewn in the bottom left hem.  Rose Quartz being the universal stone of love.

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