San Francisco➡️Big Sur➡️Pismo Beach➡️Los Angeles➡️San Diego (Oct.10-Oct.17)

Another week in the books and this one flew by! Spent Week 5 cruising down the California coast. It is wild that one state can have such a wide variety of landscapes & climates. From mountains to beach to desert.

Our week started with us in San Francisco on Monday. After being in Oakland the previous day, the change of scenery was a welcome one. We visited the first ever HIGH TIMES Dispensary, which was a trip. We met up with F-ETHER in the early afternoon to hit some famous skate spots and wander the Central Embarcadero Piers Historic District.

By evening we ventured to the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood to visit the shops and roll around. It has its own character and charm there, up in the steep hills of San Francisco. 

Tuesday morning we drifted a bit down the coast to San Jose and visited a bucket list coffee shop. Circle A, which is a skate shop/coffee shop to get a bit of work done. We left there and continued our drive down the coast on Highway 1, stopping along the way to consume the different beaches. The drive is one wild ride. Steep and curvy with unbelievable views.

Our night ended in Big Sur, where we boon-dock camped. Specifically at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. It was incredible and the sky was so clear. We crossed paths with a deer on our hike down to the river and it was a warm hello. 

The following day we continued our drive down the coast, stopping through Gaviota State Park and Refugio State Beach.

Thursday we started the day in Ventura for a load of laundry before drove into Malibu where we had a picnic lunch at the beach. We left there post lunch and finally drove in to Los Angeles. With parking being as difficult as it is, we decided to just pay for overnight parking in a lot. It ended up being right off Hollywood Blvd, one block over from Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was near dusk at that point so we took a walk for a while before deciding we wanted to go bowling. That night ended up being one of the most wild excursions of the entire tour. We did not in fact go bowling, we ended up at a swanky hotel for a night of jazz music. Being that we do not consume alcohol, we ordered chocolate chip cookies and water at the bar. 


Friday was spent rolling around different parts of LA and resting our bodies until that evening, we drove back up to Malibu and exist by the beach. Saturday was finally our show day. Instead of a normal show though, it was an art market. For as many times as we've been to LA, it has never rained. We woke Saturday morning to rain though...of course. So our market was canceled. With no plans, we decided to dip and head to San Diego a day early. We arrived and went straight to the Gaslamp District. The rain picked back up though so we wandered a mall instead. Our bodies were so physically exhausted by evening, we ended up watching a movie and crashing EARLY.


Sunday was show day in San Diego but we had all day to kill before then. We met up with F-ETHER at Balboa Park and explored the grounds for a while. Mostly at House of Pacific Relations - Hall of Nations. A really neat area of the park where there are many cozy cottages, each one sharing the traditions of diverse nations. The colors, patterns, food and decorations in each cottage were specific to the country and it was really beautiful to see.

Before we left the park, we grabbed vegan authentic soul food at WorldBeat Cafe. Which was fucking amazing. Our show that evening was at The Bancroft Bar. The local crowd of regulars made the show incredibly fun and it was great vibes all around. Rob, who booked the show for us, was present that night. He ended up directing us to a fellow in Bisbee, AZ who got us a last minute gig booked. Incredibly thankful for that.

Monday was our very last day on the coast of California so us and F-ETHER had a beach day. Coronado beaches are divine. The weather was perfect, the water was just warm enough to exist in. We had a great time just rolling in the sand, soaking up the sun. We left there for some authentic vegan tacos and ice cream before leaving San Diego. 


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