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NONE OF YOUR BEES(WAX) Vegan Reusable Food Wraps

NONE OF YOUR BEES(WAX) Vegan Reusable Food Wraps

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Food Saver

An earth friendly alternative to plastic wrap and foil.  Helps keep your food fresh longer!  Wrap chopped or whole fruits or vegetables, cover an unfinished dish, or wrap a handful of granola for on the go.

Our pack of two (2) 12”x12” wraps are made with 100% Organic UNdyed Cotton and finished with a proprietary wax.  Unlike most wax wraps, these are actually vegan!  No beeswax, no bullshit!  A mix of premium, all natural oil, wax and resin.  All completely biodegradable, from the fabric to the wax.

To care for these wraps, gently wash with cold water and a drop of dish soap. Lay flat or hang like a dish towel to dry.

Hand cut and waxed by WaZeil & UaZit. 

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