Our story began in June 2014 when fate brought us together. We were immediately drawn to each other’s unique flare and extraordinary artistry. Nine months later, in March 2015, our baby “stalph” was born.


Stalph was birthed to prompt not only us, but everyone, into simply pursuing their dreams. We strive to encourage individuals to make a living out of what excites them, rather than living the mundane lifestyle our culture has deemed proper.


Stalph is dedicated to promoting self-love and the freedom of self-expression, without censorship through our many forms of creativity. We immerse ourselves into music production, animation, photography, stop motion, videography, graphic design, fashion design, and painting.


Everything you see before your eyes has been brought to life by either WaZeil or UaZit. If you are interested in any of our creations for sale, please contact us.


Stalph is currently accepting new clients. Whatever visual or auditory project you may need completed, Stalph is here to assist. Contact us with questions you have regarding our services using the form below.

You have needs.  We have skills.

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